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Spiritual Intuitive/Empath and Sacred Twin Flame Advisor


I am a spiritual intuitive/empath. Spiritual intuitive/empaths are very sensitive to energies. The energy of people, animals, the energies within our environment, and “other dimensional energies”. Throughout my life, I have learned what this means, how it affects me personally, and how it affects my everyday life. I have undergone a lot of spiritual growth and ascension over the years. However, a few years ago, I decided that I wanted to focus on ways in which I could use this ability to help others. I learned that, as a spiritual intuitive, I can help you understand, through "energy readings", how the energies within you, and the energies around you, can be affecting you both in positive and negative ways. From helping you to remove energy blocks within your physical and spiritual body, helping you find ways in which to remove, or let go of, energies that may be holding you back from moving on with certain aspects of your life, to helping you to connect with the energies of your divine guides so that they can help you find answers to questions that you may be having a hard time finding on your own.

Before we incarnate into this life, we agree to a kind of “spiritual contract” for ourselves, a divine life plan. Within this divine life plan, we have set out goals and lessons that our souls need to work on which are key to our soul’s ascension process. However, throughout our lifetime, energies can affect us in ways in which divert us from that divine path. Working with a spiritual intuitive/empath can help you reconnect with your own energy, and the energy within your environment. Being more in tune with your own energy will help you to stay on your spiritual path allowing you to live your life in full accordance with your divine life plan.

Twin flame energy is one of the strongest energies that exists. I am not only a spiritual intuitive/empath, but I am also a Twin Flame Sacred Advisor. Part of my divine life mission is to help people understand twin flame energy. There is a lot of false information out there regarding twin flames, and it is my honor to help as many people as I can to understand the truth.My twin flame and I met when we were young children, so I have a personal understanding of the complexities of twin flame relationships.

Right now, Earth is undergoing a spiritual evolution. Twin flame energy is helping with that process, so one of the most important aspects of my divine life mission is to help connect twin flame energies. While every soul created by God has a twin flame, not all twin flames incarnate together in every lifetime, not all twin flames will meet in every lifetime, and not all twin flames will share romantic relationships in every lifetime. There will be lifetimes in which you, or your twin flame, will remain in the other dimensions. In those situations, the twin flame who did not incarnate will act as a spiritual guide for the incarnated twin. Twin flame relationships are complex. No two are the same, and they can be very difficult to understand. Through twin flame energy readings, I can help you connect with the energy of your twin flame, whether they are incarnated or not, and I can connect with the energy of your divine guides who can help answer any questions you may have regarding your twin flame and your twin flame relationship, in whatever form that may take in this lifetime.

I am honored to help you in any way that I can. This world can be a dark place. It is my hope to bring a little bit of light to whomever is guided to me. I wish you peace, love and light always.

Please note, I am able to give offer help to people regardless of where you are in the world by doing "email energy readings." Email readings are essentially the same thing as an in person reading. The only difference is that I send you a copy of the information I receive during your reading via email instead of verbally telling you in person. I do not offer Skype or phone readings. Please contact me if you would like more information regarding "energy readings." I wish you peace, love and light.

Disclaimer: The type of "healing" I refer to is spiritual in nature. If you are suffering from physical, mental, or emotional issues, please seek the advice/guidance of a licensed medical professional.